Cam Ranger

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Upon request, when David is the photographer for on location commercial photography, you have the option of seeing the images on a laptop or tablet as David shoots. This allows you to work closely with David and his team to tweak things in order to get the shot that you are after. It’s far better than reviewing the back of the camera.

The nice thing about wireless teethering compared to systems that use long cables is that David can be 30 feet in the air on a lift with you on the ground communicating tweaks back up to David if needed. Wireless teethering is also safer than walking around cords. In addition, with David having an assistant to move the lighting, it’s a win-win all the way around and makes things very efficient. That is pretty much the exact scenerio of the image that you see below that was shot in a warehouse.

If you are considering other commercial photographers for your project, make sure you ask about teethering. It’s just one of the many things that can help a location shoot flow better.

Industrial Photography By Photographer David Williams Packing Machine In Warehouse