This page is for COMPANIES needing 10, 20, 30 or even 50+ headshots on site.



David Williams started doing volume headshots on location on film in “1987.” Yes, 1987! Please read below for even more reasons to choose DWPPC for your volume headshot needs.

David Williams

David Williams

Volume headshots are defined as 10, 20, 30 or even 50+ people photographed on site for a company in a short period of time: Our goal is to maintain the same level of quality that someone would get in a studio session.

Here are some core ways that we maintain consistent quality when shooting on location:
1) A Photographer and One Assistant
2) Having a system in place that David established back in the 80’s which still works today.
3) Including post production editing and not just giving an image straight out of the camera.
4) OPTIONAL: Add Kate Leser (The Makeover Expert) for makeup touch-up, etc.

Why should you hire DWPPC for your volume company headshots?

1) Experienced – Yes, others can say that too, but volume company headshots are truly a CORE part of our business. We don’t do Weddings and other consumer photography. As mentioned at the top of this page, David started doing volume headshots in 1987.

2) Online Reviews – Click in the upper right to read lots of FIVE STAR Google reviews. This is a review from another review platform from Scott M. (Email Available Upon Request): “David did a truly outstanding job and what a world of difference in our corporate headshots for websites and speaking engagements. We had no idea what we wanted to do, but David quickly came up with ideas and executed them in no time. What was really amazing is that everyone loved their shots and had a lot of fun doing them. I’ve been around for a while and NEVER had that happen before. Hire David again in a minute – and we will as we grow!”

3) Consistency/Efficiency – Having a system in place enables us to stay consist on site and in studio. This allows us to give you studio quality results while on location. Our system also allows us to be very efficient which most companies truly appreciate.

4) North Raleigh Studio – You’ll get a special locked in price for future employee’s to be photographed at a later date or anyone that may have missed the main photo date because of vacation, sickness, etc. Our studio is convenient from anywhere in the Triangle because we are midway down Six Forks Road with I440 on one side and I540 on the other side.

5) Competitive Pricing – Our prices will rarely be the lowest in the Raleigh market, but our pricing is also not the highest based on feedback we’ve received. We have found that we are typically mid-price point while at the same time offering quality results that are competitive with those charging more. As long as you are not looking purely at price and are willing to take everything listed on this page into consideration, you should be very pleased with our pricing: Click to get a quote and find out!

6) Retouching – Post editing makes a difference. The image below is a great example of what comes out of the camera (before) and what can be done with post editing (after). There truly is a difference and post editing matters. We include basic post editing with our volume company headshot work of each purchased image. Please take our word for it, NOT all post editing is created equal and you should definitely ask to see before an after examples of any photographer that you are considering for your project.