Nick Hetcher, sample listed below, is a 30 year veteran voice over talent that we have worked with several times. DWPPC simply wants to be a resource to help clients that need professional voice over on their video connect with voice over talent. If Nick is a fit, we can work closely with him. If not, an online resource to find voice over talent is http://voice123.com/ which has a wide variety of voice over talent available. You may also see other voice over artist details on this page below Nick’s information.

Nick’s rates (subject to change) are $79.95 for up to the first 30 seconds. The rate is based on the actual word count being 75 words (or less) which is typical of a 30 second clip. You can use our word count tool to check your copy. Each additional 75 words ( approximately 30 seconds ) is $40. Therefore a 90 second voice over from Nick based on 225 words (maximum) would be $159.95 which is a phenomenal rate from a veteran of voice over artist.

Keep in mind that client changes can change the rate if changes are made after the voice over is completed. For example, making the script longer after the voice over has been delivered would be a minimum of $79.95 because of the additional time involved. If you have any questions, please ask. You may also find your own voice over talent and provide the audio to us for your video.

We don’t mark up Nick’s rates and offer his services as a value add for our clients.

Ken Bond is a voice over artist located in Cary, NC. His rates of this post are $60 for the first 30 seconds and $30 for each 30 seconds thereafter. Ken’s rates are subject to change. You can listen to some of his voice over work on his website.

We have additional information “COMING SOON” for other local voice over artists.