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Although David is also a still photographer, some of the videos below do not include David’s still photography work.

…”David recently took some head shots and video interview footage of some of our employees and did a great job. He was very quick to respond to my initial query and then really prompt on all further correspondence. I’m based overseas and couldn’t be at the shoot so it was important I find someone I could trust and who could understand what I wanted. Just as importantly he managed to get our employees looking and sounding relaxed even though he had a video pointed at them! The turnaround on receiving the work back was also super quick. Very easy to work with.” … Fiona B. from Yelp Reviews

On Time. On Budget. On Point.

Corporate Video Production Services

David Shoots With Professional GearDavid Shoots With Professional Gear

David Williams is a still Photographer, Corporate Videographer and Cinematographer. He loves capturing people through the lens of a camera whether that is via still images or video. In addition to David, the video team consists of Brian, Jeff, Cameron and Michael which includes talent in both editing and shooting.

The difference in a Videographer and a Cinematographer is that David and his team don’t just show up, set the camera up on a tripod and start shooting (unless that is truly the only need the client has). Cinematography entails strategic planning, direction and lots more than just setting the camera up on a tripod. In other words, if you want something beyond a basic video, David and team can help produce a video that your company will be proud of.

David and team shoot with Professional DSLR’s as well as a traditional Professional Video Camcorder, uses professional audio equipment and lights the scene to obtain the highest level end result that he is capable of as a growing video production company.

David and team have done video work for international companies as well as local small business owner’s. So whatever your corporate video production needs may be, David and team can likely provide the solution.

If you have an idea for a high quality corporate video, discuss it with David and see if it leads you both down the same path. You can use the contact page to start the discussion.

Affordable On Location Videos for Small or Micro Business: Our Premier Video Service

Similar to David’s in studio videos further down he page, this service is meant to be affordable for the small or micro business while providing a very high quality video. The way that David is able to keep the cost down is providing up to a 30 minute phone call to help the client prepare for the video, providing a simple worksheet after the consultation call and to limit the time on location to a maximum of 2 hours at one location which works out perfect for this style of video with.

Post production editing is the most time consuming part of the process and usually involves several hours of work. David limits the revision cycles to two which is usually enough with proper communication. It’s NOT uncommon to be about 90% where the client wants to be when sending over the initial edited video for client feedback.

Use the contact form or call 919.723.8453 to learn more. You will not be disappointed in the end result or shocked by the price of these videos.