TravelDavid Williams is Raleigh, North Carolina based but will travel the world to get the project completed. He has flown numerous times with gear to shoot projects that are not local to the Raleigh.

When looking for a photographer for your project, it’s not only important that the photographer can meet your needs, but it’s also important that traveling is not something strange to their vocabulary if travel is required.  Once you start the conversation with David about traveling for a photoshoot, you will know that it’s part of what he does on a regular basis.

Here are two real world examples of why it’s important to have the same photographer shoot rather than always seek out someone in the local market:

David regularly covers a 5 day conference for an association based out of Georgia. They had a conference in Pinehurst, North Carolina which is the first time they hired David. Since that event in David’s local area, the association has flown David to Canada, California and Ohio. The benefit to the association is more than just consistency of image quality and having someone shoot their events that they know, like and trust. David has also become known by many of the association members who see him on a regular basis. When a photographer builds relationships with people that he or she photographs on a regular basis, that is a win-win for everyone involved.

Another client hired David for a local two day photoshoot. However, they are an International company that also needed a two day photoshoot in Florida. Their two options were to choose one photographer for their local needs and another for their Florida needs or use the same photographer locally and in Florida. The client decided that the travel expenses were worth the investment to have the same photographer cover all four days of shooting.

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