You’ll find a sampling of images below that were mostly created in camera with lighting, shutter speed, focus, composition and overall technique with only two of the images requiring more than 30 minutes of post work: The composite cut out of the guy in the locker room is about 90 minutes of post work and the fireman with the smokey look behind him was about an hour of post work. The HDR of the airplane was completed mostly through post but in under 30 minutes of post editing. The way David approaches a photoshoot is to get the concept and overall technique correct in camera and to use post editing to enhance what was captured while keeping the editing to under 30 minutes per image in most cases.

Sample Image 1 - It's The Lighting.jpgBehind-The-scenes-1.jpgComposite 1 90 Minutes.jpgSample Post Edit 60 Minutes for Effect.jpgSample HDR 1 - For Effect.jpgSample Image 10 - Angle, Light and Composition.jpgSample Image 11 - Wide Angle for Perspective.jpgSample Image 12 - Lighting Inside Truck To Create The Shot.jpgSample Image 14 - Lighting, Focus, Composition.jpgSample Image 14 - Slow Shutter For Effect.jpgSample Image 15 - Lighting, Focus, Composition.jpgSample Image 16 - Composition and Focus.jpgSample Image 17 - Composition and Lighting.jpgSample Image 2 - It's the lighting.jpgSample Image 3 - Angle and Composition.jpgSample Image 4 - Foreground In Focus For Effect.jpgSample Image 5 - Motion Blur for Effect.jpgSample Image 6 - Angle For Effect.jpgSample Image 7 - Slow Motion Blur for Effect.jpgSample Image 8 - Using Light for Effect.jpgSample Image 9 - Using Light for Effect.jpg