Canon 5D Mark III

David’s Canon 5D Mark III – Professional DSLR

Is It Important To You Whether The Photographer You Hire Uses Professional Gear Or Not? Should It Be? YOU Decide…

Equipment Packed Up

Packed For A Location Shoot – Not All Inclusive

David has been asked about his gear when being considered for a project as well as having clients comment about the amount of gear David brings when working at a clients location: This short page should provide some insight that may or may not make a difference to you if knowing that the photographer you hire is shooting with professional gear is an area that is important to you: At the end of the day, IT’S ABOUT THE END RESULT…NOT the gear.

David shoots with the Full Frame Canon 5D Mark III Professional Camera (pictured above) and his go to lens is the Canon L 70-200mm f/2.8 lens (pictured above).  He also uses strobe lighting, softboxes and other gear to get professional results.

Although it is true that the person behind the camera makes the core difference and that the brand like Canon or Nikon doesn’t really matter, there is a reason that full time professionals shoot with professional gear. When there is a combination of an experienced photographer using professional gear, that often, but not always, yields the best results.

To the left you will see a partial list of David’s equipment ready to be loaded for an on location photography only shoot. It’s enough equipment pictured to fill the 8 foot bed of a pick up truck. There could be even more equipment needed in some cases especially when adding video to the mix.

Einstein 640ws

Image Copyright By Manufacturer Paul C. Buff

Lighting is also a critical part of professional photography both inside and out. It’s nice to know that the professional you are hiring understands how to use light especially inside. Here’s the answer from one client to David’s question “Why did I win out?” when other photographers were also being considered… “Your Enthusiasm, Creative Ideas, Good Energy and You actually talked about lighting and lights and equipment – thereby showing good knowledge.” ( Walter D. – Raleigh, NC – Recognized Brand Worldwide – Contact Information Available Upon Request )

In addition to equipment, post production editing makes a tremendous difference in digital photography ( see example below ). That’s why David’s wife and business partner, Brenda, uses Photoshop, Lightroom, Topaz and Photomatix to do post production editing. This is also a critical area to inquire about when hiring a photographer. No matter how good a photographer is, the best possible images are not the ones straight out of the camera but images that have been edited through a post production process that includes areas like softening facial and neck lines, correcting stray hair, whitening teeth (most of the time we do slightly not super bright), getting hair off clothing, glasses glare, color correction, shine on face/head and several other post processing adjustments.

Gerard Before and After

Gear Collage with Text

If you are looking for a great team to hire, David does the shooting and Brenda works full time on the editing. David’s Direct Line: 919.723.8453 – Brenda’s Direct Line: 919.816.6441 or

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