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Product Photography of Cooler in Raleigh NC Studio

Professional Product Photography Services

We have vast experience in commercial product photography. From mid-size cabling companies to Fortune 500 chemical companies. We’re confident our high resolution edited images will impress even the most critical CEO. In fact, we guarantee it!

Our pricing is not as low as the online companies that require you mail your product(s) to them in another part of the country to photograph. However, our pricing is competitive and like most product photography services, your quote will be based on the final number of edited images that you need along with whether you need us to come on site to your location or you can bring the product to our North Raleigh Studio.

Note: Product photography can get more complicated than people photography. For product photography, basic editing, factored in at 1 hour maximum per image, is included with each image purchased. However, extensive editing that requires more than 1 hour per image of editing will require an additional hourly rate editing fee quoted on a case by case basis. If you would like RAW image files to do your own editing, the RAW files are available of each image that you pay for at an additional PREMIUM rate per RAW image file. We do not provide refunds for product photography but will re-shoot for you for free in our North Raleigh Studio if necessary. You will be able to view images at the time of the shoot and should address any concerns at that time.

While we can’t display most our professional product images on our site (due to strict non disclosure agreements), we can present them in a business meeting environment. So fill out our form below, or call us at 919.723.8453 today!