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Photojournalism Event Coverage: Hire A Pro-Photographer for a VIP Guest or Other Need
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You’ll Find Additional Details Concerning Photojournalism Style Event Coverage Below:

You will not find lots sample images listed on this page because when a VIP visits a Fortune 500 Company the images are often reserved for Company use as well as for the VIP: A great example of this is when David was hired to photograph a 4 STAR US Army General visiting a Fortune 100 Company with the President of the Company leading the tour. The images were only being used by the Company and the General. David got some great shots and the client was very pleased; however, there are no sample images listed here because of confidentiality. Out of the 15 or so other people on the tour, not a single person took any images with a cellphone and David was the only one with a camera covering the visit.

Image Turnaround Time…
It’s not uncommon for a company to need lightening fast turnaround in a situation like the example above. David and Brenda delivered a handful of EDITED images within 3 hours of David leaving the site and all the final EDITED images were delivered in just over 24 hours of David leaving the site.

Style of Shooting…
The reason this is listed as photojournalism style event coverage is because more often than not this style of coverage doesn’t require a photo assistant for David or large studio strobes. David will likely use a dual camera harness with a photo belt and carry his pro gear around with him as he covers the event just like you might imagine a photojournalist out in the field covering an assignment. However, if a photo assistant and/or studio strobes are needed, that is an option that is available when necessary.

Some of David’s Clients…
Upon request, David will send you a list of some of his Corporate clients but without sharing images that are confidential. The list is NOT all-inclusive and does not include the names of the many High Ranking Government Officials and C-Level Executives David has photographed based on confidentiality agreements.

Length of Time for Coverage…
David is available for as little as 1 hour minimum on site for a photojournalism style assignment. In the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and RTP area, the quoted rate will include the travel time as well. David is centrally located within 30 minutes of most any area of the Triangle.  Quotes outside of the Triangle Area will include travel time factored in like when David was hired to shoot for a Fortune 500 Company in Roxboro.

Depending on the nature of the shoot, you may need David’s services for a 1/2 day, a full day or even a multi-day shoot or you may even need David for coverage in another state. All you have to do is mention the location and length of time needed to receive an accurate quote.

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