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Cost-Effective Headshots For LinkedIn, Publications, Print Media, Online Media & More

Elyse Before and After

1) Experienced – Full Time Professional(s)
2) Studio located in a business district (not a residence) 
3) Basic Retouching Services are included of up to 30 minutes per image purchased
4) High Resolution (300DPI) and Low Resolution (72DPI) included
5) Lifetime unrestricted usage rights for each image purchased
6) The option to purchase all images unedited
7) Trusted by recognized brands
8) 49+ FIVE Star Google reviews here: https://plus.google.com/+Dwppc/about

Want To Look Your Best? Consider Hiring Kate – The Makeover Expert (See Video & Further Down This Page)


Female Executive Lifestyle Portait In Downtown Raleigh 3

Casual Male Headshot On Brick Creative Lighting Raleigh NC

Executive Headshot In Studio Arms Crossed Straight On CFO Raleigh NC


Click Here To View Our Before And After Examples – Post Production Editing Matters!

Kate Leser - The Make Over Expert

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Client Email Message To David: “We are all very happy with the work you did for us and also are pleased with your flexibility and organization.  We have used the photos for corporate files and also we all are using the new photos for LinkedIn to have a true professional look.” Joy B. – Director of Human Resources

Don’t see the background color that you want? Just Ask! All options are NOT posted above. Outside shots are available.

Trust your headshot to someone who has completed thousands of headshots.

In/Outside Studio or On Location Headshots: See PHOTOGRAPHY in navigation for more examples.

*We include basic post production editing with your final paid selection(s): softening facial and neck lines, correcting stray hair, whitening teeth (most of the time we do slightly not super bright), getting hair off clothing, minor glasses glare, color correction, shine on face/head and a few other other things may be included as basic edits.

Extensive edits are available at a reasonable additional fee per image. An example of an extensive edit is cutting out your image as shot and placing it on an HDR background which requires additional time to complete. Please feel free to discuss this with David when scheduling your session.

A few examples of POTENTIAL “Extensive editing” ( NOT an all inclusive list ) are…

…Change color of clothing
…Take off 10 years, 10-20 lbs, etc.
…Head swap, Eye swap, Mouth swap, etc.
…Major Glasses Glare That Requires Eye Swapping
…Braces removal
…Opening eyes
…Removing Double Chin
…Changing to a different background

Click Here To View Our Before And After Examples – Post Production Editing Matters!

Rest assured, David’s rates are very competitive for the Triangle market for professional headshots by a veteran photographer. Actually, David is one of the most affordable headshot photographers in the Triangle with a studio in a business district that includes edits for each image purchased. If you are shopping price, then a part-time photographer working out of his or her home that does not include editing will likely be less. But when it comes to a professional headshot, getting the cheapest price in town is not the best option.

Appointments: Individual headshot appointments are available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Optional Appointments: Saturday appointments are available at 8 a.m., 9 a.m., 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. pre-paid via an online secure link, but the payment is NOT forfeited for rescheduling. Appointments are available after hours Monday-Friday starting at 6 p.m. and should be pre-paid via an online secure link. Regular appointment times from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday do NOT require a deposit or pre-payment.

Get More Details by Phone at 919.723.8453 – No Hassle – No Obligation

Optional Service: Kate Leser is also available in studio or on location for an amazing rate.

Clients Range

Corporate / Business Headshot Photographer – Staff and Executive Portraits – LinkedIn – Business Profiles – Annual Reports – Modeling & More

Headshot Sessions from 1 to 100+: Small Business to FORTUNE TOP 20

Whether you need headshots taken on location at your company or you are an individual that prefers to drive to David’s studio, there are so many ways David can help make yourDavid Williams session(s) a success.  The best way to learn more is to call David at 919.723.8453 or contact David online.  However, please feel free to continue reading below if you’d like. There are several areas that make David’s services standout: One key area that is important to note is that all final edited headshot images include unrestricted usage rights and are delivered in both web and print quality formats.  You should not simply base your headshot needs on a price because it’s important to know what that price includes.  David will give you a solid overview by phone of just what you are getting based on what you are paying.  There’s no need to make things complicated. David provides in studio and on location corporate headshot photography from 1 individual to 100+.  Once the number of individual headshots needed reaches various minimums (discussed by phone), the average price per professionally edited headshot becomes even more cost effective.  It is not uncommon for David to be hired as a headshot photographer for a 20+ person project; however, David will go on location for a single executive headshot session or more in depth individual executive portrait work that may fall under his lifestyle photography session.

David Shoots With Professional Gear

David Shoots With Professional Gear

Even for individual headshot sessions at David’s minimum fee, the price is still very competitive for David’s level of photography and attention to detail. For individual sessions, David treats the session as a lifestyle session with headshots in the mix.  You have the option to come to David or have David come to you.

Whether your company is in need of 1 individual headshot or 100+ headshots, please feel free to contact David for an on location corporate headshot photography quote by using the online web form or by calling 919.723.8453.

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Individual Headshot Session Details ( 1 Person ) Business / Modeling / Athletic / Acting & More


Athletic Headshot: Above David Is Using Beauty Dish & Strip Box Lighting For This Particular Shot

For individual sessions, there are two key options: 1) Drive to David’s studio in North Raleigh just off of Six Forks Road midway between I-440 and I540 which is what the majority of individuals choose to do or 2) Have David drive to you.  The price point for on location for one individual costs more because it requires travel time, setup time, loading and unloading equipment both at the studio and your location plus an assistant pending the shooting needs. Therefore, it is more than the in studio price. You can decide once you speak with David which option is best for you. David coming to you becomes more economical with more than one person being photographed. In an individual session, David will provide at least two different background options and vary the lighting styles.  You’ll have a minimum of 30 images to review and the session could get to 50-75+ images to review depending on whether it’s a 30 minute session vs. a 60 minute session.  The price is exactly the same for a 30 minute session and a 60 minute session.  It’s all about how many different options that you’d like and whether you have the time to be in the studio beyond 30 minutes.  There is enough time in a 60 minute session for 1 outfit change if needed as well as two different studio backgrounds plus a few shots outside the studio without feeling rushed. David has a system and the time passes quickly.

For the base price point of up to a 60 minute session, you will be able to select ONE final image that will be professionally edited and provided as a WEB quality and a PRINT quality file without usage restrictions. Additional image selections are available at an additional cost which also include professional editing and will be provided as a WEB quality and a PRINT quality file without usage restrictions.  However, you are only obligated to the base session fee which includes ONE final edited image. David’s pricing seems to work well for the Triangle, so you don’t have to worry about getting New York City Photography sticker shock when you Call David at 919.723.8453.

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Individual Headshot Testimonial 194c9e …”I recently had a photo session with Mr. Williams, and the final product was so good, I may have some explaining to do when my clients meet me in person for the first time. The entire experience was professionally done, and I would recommend his services without qualification. I am rarely so struck by a an experience that I am moved to offer a review on it. I usually get about what I expect, and I don’t feel compelled to comment, either way. My session with Mr. Williams rose above the expectation level by a country mile. The smile in my photograph is in part due the fact that I am being so positively directed by Mr. Williams in such a professional manner. I hope you will give him a try. You will be glad you did.” … Jim F.

Individual Sessions: A Co-Worker, Friend, Family Member, Associate, etc. –
4th Image Free or Up To 20% Off Each For A Shared Session:

If you have a co-worker, friend, associate, etc. in need of a professional headshot that schedules a headshot session with David the same week as your appointment, David will provide the 4th image for free for either of you that purchases 3 images from their individual session. It’s very easy to understand how this works: Just ask for more details by phone.

David also offers 20% off per person for a 1 each purchase or 13% off one individual 3 image purchase. Both parties must share the same 1 hour time slot which is not recommended but available upon request at the time of your initial contact. This is something that you will have to request when speaking with David. David does not automatically offer this option. (Certain Restrictions Apply)

On Location Headshots 1 to 100+

As mentioned above, on location headshots are available from 1 to 100+. The headshot photographer could be David, Lindsay or John, but the end result delivered will be the same level of quality. The rates are based on a per person fee because each person will be able to choose his or her favorite shot and have basic post production editing included just as if they were photographed in the North Raleigh studio. The rates are also based on a system of a non-stop flow of those being photographed. When using Kate Leser on location, there is no delay in our system thus keeping a continued steady flow. Most companies like having this efficient system that takes as little time as possible especially when there is ZERO loss of quality compared to a longer in studio session. However, David and team can accommodate longer than normal headshot shoots which may fall into half day or full day minimum rates which could exceed the per person rate. In other words, the pricing may fall under a commercial photoshoot structure rather than a typical on location headshot shoot. Ask for Details!

Modeling & Acting Headshots of Children – David is a NON-Consumer Photographer:

Although David is a NON-Consumer photographer, he will do headshots of children. Child headshots are often needed for modeling portfolio’s. Headshots of Children, like adults, show more of the face and upper body of the individual child rather than shots that are taken full body with lots of extra space in the image or a child shot taken with a sibling or several siblings that doesn’t focus on the individual like a headshot. School headshots may not turn out as well because as you know they line the children up and snap, snap, snap. So if you are looking for someone to spend more time with your child and get the headshot that you are after, consider David Williams for child headshot photography.

Makeup, Hair & Color Coordination: Optional Services – Additional Fees Required:

David DOES NOT push the services below. They are available for your convenience and must be scheduled several days in advance in most cases. If you need a hair stylist and/or make up artist for your session(s) whether in studio or on location, David can discuss these options with you upon request. These services are provided from individuals who David has a business relationship with that are brought in from the outside on an as needed. Beyond the options above, David has a great relationship with someone who truly specializes in color coordination and helps individuals shop for their clothing.  If you have an interest in having Kate come in for your session to help you color coordinate all of your clothing based on makeup and/or photo backgrounds, please feel free to ask David for additional details. As you can imagine, all of the services above add up and are completely optional.  The vast majority of David’s headshot sessions do not merit the options above. Call David at 919.723.8453 or Click Here To Get A QuoteClick Here To Return To Top Of Page