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Reply TimeCorporate Event Review: “We hired David and his team to shoot multi-day events for our Fortune 500 client. He and his team were courteous, prompt, and flexible, and even delivered selected edited photos within hours of the shoots so that we could use them the next day. We look forward to working with David again in the future!” Maria Hooper (Client Contact Info Available Upon Request)Event Page Web Form 073763


Corporate Event Collage with David Pictured

On Time. On Budget. On Point.

This page has galleries with hundreds of images from corporate events (including family days), concerts and other non-consumer events. If you are looking for something in particular, just ask, we likely have examples in our archives of thousands of event images. We’ve shot events for many Fortune 500 Companies and smaller companies. We’ve also photographed many individuals known by their name.

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The first gallery is listed below. Click the large image to then arrow through.


Canon 5D Mark III with Profoto B2 Head and Promedia Gear Boomerang Flash Bracket

Some of David’s Event Gear: Canon 5D Mark III with Canon Battery Grip, Canon 24-70mm L F/2.8 Lens, Profoto B2 Head And PromediaGear Boomerang Flash Bracket – Pro Gear And Experience Does Matter. David Is Competitively Priced Among Full Time Corporate Event Professionals.


Getting it done right the first time: Experienced, Reliable, Cost-Effective!


VIP's from David Williams

KEEP THIS IN MIND: It’s not just about the rate. It’s about experience ( see client list and bio ), quality and what is delivered in the end. David’s per image rate will likely be lower than photographers that charge less and his quality comparable to those that charge more. For Example, if another photographer charges $200 less than David and delivers 200 final images but David delivers 400 final images for just $200 more in the same amount of shooting time which option is the best value for the money? This is a real world example of an event that a colleague covered that David couldn’t get covered on extremely short notice.

CHANCES ARE EXTREMELY HIGH: that you will get more final images from David than any other corporate event photographer you are considering whether the photographer charges less or more. In addition, David is TRULY EXCLUSIVE to corporate events (David has covered corporate events with children). Finally, the final images you receive will be corrected for color and exposure and delivered in both web and print format.

BOTTOM LINE: You will not find a corporate event photographer that will work any harder and deliver more final images than David Williams plus you get the added experience of a photographer that truly understands corporate events. David may or may not be $200 more like the example above, but you will very likely get more by paying a little more and you will truly SAVE MONEY by using David if someone else is higher. David is the best overall value that you can easily find for a photographer that is EXCLUSIVE to Corporate Events.

Based in Raleigh, NC (Serving Internationally)

919 Music Fest Raleigh 900 with TextKEEP SCROLLING TO SEE EVEN MORE SAMPLES

Candid & Formal Corporate Event Coverage | Optional: Print on Demand, Green Screen, Photobooth & Video

Event Review…
……”David was a breath of fresh air after a couple of years of rather blah photos and member interactions by our previous photographer. Our members LOVED David – they even made him an honorarium member! David has a wonderful personality and takes amazing pictures – some very unique. He held his camera up on “stilts” to take some great arial shots of large gatherings. David is a super-hard worker. He was everywhere all the time! You will not hire a more professional, talented, punctual, and down to earth/fun photographer!”……Paula K.
(Reference Email Available Upon Request)

Event Review…
…..“We are so excited to work with you for our event. When we began looking for a photographer and videographer, we wanted someone who understood the atmosphere of corporate events. We found a few different options (about 3 others) that would work, but ultimately you caught our eye. Your experience was unparalleled, and the price fit our budget, (well once you agreed to work with us because you became jazzed about our event). Plus, you are punctual and timely with communication and responses. Overall, the choice was obvious-we had to have you!”……Caitlin – Which Wich
(Reference Email Available Upon Request)


Here’s one keynote speaker image from an event: David’s stage and room shots gallery is just below this image.

Keynote Speaker At Corporate Event
David’s stage and room shots gallery is below. It’s by NO MEANS all inclusive of David’s work.


Looking for A Unique Photobooth? (Click To View)

 Handwritten Thank You Note from Which Wich Corporate Event:

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Optional Services: Print on Demand, Green Screen, Photobooth & Video

Corporate & Charity Event Photography Including Candids, Print on Demand, Green Screen, Photobooth, Formal and Even Video!

David is the official photographer for Ronald McDonald House of Durham, Children’s Flight of Hope and he also covers the annual Helene Foundation Event. In addition to the David Williams previously mentioned charities, David and Team do event work for small companies and multi-billion dollar international companies including Fortune 500. Although many event photography needs are for one evening, David and Team can cover full day and multi-day events if needed. David has been hired to cover an event lasting 5 Days in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Corporate and charity event photography and video are a key area that David and Team focus on. There is a difference in the way professionals with professional gear cover an event vs. guests using their phones. Many of the events that David and Team cover are often in low light situations which non-professional cameras and phones do not do well in. It’s surprising to find that some companies cut corners on the photography side of their even after spending thousands for the venue and food. For several hours one evening, a professional photographer can an event for several hundred dollars using several thousand dollars in professional gear to create lasting memories. Even if the images are initially intended for social media and internal use, you never know how they may be used in the future. Even for social media which is very public, how do you want your brand to be portrayed… with phone images or by someone who does photography as a hobby or by a seasoned professional?

David Shoots With Professional Gear

David Shoots With Professional Gear

Although David and Team offers a wide array of photography and video services for corporate and charity events, candid images are by far usually the largest part of most corporate and charity event needs when it comes to photography. Some people will stop and do a quick pose while others just let David and Team capture them as they enjoy the event. Great candid photography, whether posed or truly candid, will make a BIG difference in your event.


On Time. On Budget. On Point.