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Raleigh NC Corporate Video Production Company | Videography For Business

Some of the videos that are included above include: Dallas Summit (Held In Dallas, Texas), DKI Restores Hope (Hurricane Relief Eastern North Carolina), Data Center (Raleigh – Server Facility), Conference Highlight Vide0 (Filmed in Louisiana), Employee Recognition for Employee of the Year, Recruitment Video (Filmed at UNC Chapel Hill) and More.

Our corporate video production services include numerous types of business centric videography: Conference Videos, Promotional Videos, Keynote Speaker Videos, Recruitment Videos, Training Videos, Instructional Videos, Corporate Event Videos, Seminar Videos, Classroom Lecture Videos, Client Testimonial Videos, Legal Videos, Medical Videos, Product Launch Videos and Much More! Although we are located in Raleigh, NC, we travel the US providing video production services for our corporate clients. It’s not uncommon for us to be hired for both videography and photography since we provide both services under one roof.

A Core In House Corporate Video Production Team…

We have an internal team of 4 core people for corporate video production. However, we can send out just one videographer for smaller videography needs like a class room lecture or easily scale up to a 4 person team for multi-day corporate film production projects. We have strategic connections within the video production industry and can go beyond a team of 4 if necessary especially when adding drone video production services through our strategic partnership with an FAA certified drone pilot. 

Local To Nationwide Videography Services For Small Business To Fortune 500…

We are based in Midtown Raleigh, North Carolina which makes for easy access to the surrounding areas like Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill. We do travel on a regular basis around the United States which makes being just a few exits down from RDU very nice.

Triangle based companies that either have locations in other cities around the US and/or have conferences around the US may find it helpful to work with a local corporate video production company that can serve both their local area video needs and their national videography needs. The only extra expense is travel. However, consistency and long term relationships with the same video production company easily make up for the extra travel expense. 

Searching for Video Production Company Can Be Time Consuming…

It’s not uncommon to use words like “Top” or “Best” in a search for video services; however, what is the best to one may not be the best for another. That’s why a search using those keywords may not yield what you personally feel is best solution for your video project.

The common thing to do when searching for video services is to likely ask yourself are a series of questions:

“Do I see any videos that I like?” 
“Do I see a particular video that is similar to one that I’m envisioning?”
“Based on what I’m seeing, do I think this video production company will be able to deliver what I’m looking for?”

Once these basic questions are answered, then, it’s either onto the initial conversation with the video companies that you feel are at the top of your list or onto the continued search for video production services because you still haven’t found what you are looking for. But it is possible that you will not find a perfect example of what you are looking for because videos are often customized based on the clients vision. For example, you may not like one or two of our videos, but the video was exactly what the client that hired us was looking for.

As you go through the process of finding a video production company, keep in mind that the veteran video production companies have a range that can go far beyond what you see in their portfolio. For example, you may have a vision that you don’t exactly see in a video companies portfolio simply because the company has never been asked for that particular style of video which doesn’t mean that they are not capable of that type of video production.

There are other situations (like ours) that for one reason or another certain videos are not in the video companies profile. For example, we have done plenty of lecture and keynote speaker type videos, but you will not find many at all in our portfolio. We don’t think you’d want to watch a multi-hour lecture on insurance, but we can definitely capture that type of video with ease. There are other situations that may include a confidentiality agreement that not even the client is making the videos public because the videos are meant for internal use only.

Competitive Prices, Five Star Reviews and A Large Corporate Client List…

Pricing should never be the only deciding factor for video production services. However, we have found that our video production pricing falls into the mid-range when compared to other full time video production companies in the Triangle. As long as we are producing a quality video product that our clients love, we are perfectly fine with not being the highest or the lowest priced video production company in the Raleigh area.

Reviews should be an important part of any decision when choosing a video production company. In our case, we are quickly approaching 100 Five Star reviews on Google and that’s not an easy task to accomplish. However, we are extremely focused on customer service and often reply before and after hours including weekends if necessary. Our commitment to our clients is top priority. Beyond reviews, we are happy to provide references upon request.

In addition to pricing and reviews, it’s also important to see the type of clients that we work with. We are proud to display a client list that will hopefully aid in your decision.

Professional Photography Services Under The Same Roof…

In addition to videography services, we also offer professional photography services which you can learn more about in our site navigation tab. Companies find it beneficial to work with the same company for both videography and photography which we feel gives us a competitive advantage when compared to a company only offering video productions services. However, since this page is focused on business video production and not professional photography, that’s about all we’ll say here about our photography services.