In House Professional Printing Available:
Although clients have the rights to print the digital files that are paid for, there are advantages to having us provide in house printing. It’s definitely not a cost savings. However, we believe the quality of our prints will exceed the quality of many discount stores.

We take pride in our work as professionals and provide strict quality control. If the printing does not meet our quality standards, it will be rejected from us internally before our clients ever see it.

We do offer printing from 4 x 6 (no wallet size printing) to 13 x 19 (Yes, frames are made for 13 x 19 prints.) for clients who use our photography services.

We can FedEx prints for as little as $10 via FedEx Ground ( 11 x 14 or smaller ), hand deliver ( in certain cases based on volume ) or we can hold for pickup at our North Raleigh Studio.

An 8 x 10 is a very popular size print, but the camera frame dimension is actually 8 x 12 to see the full area as shot before cropping to an 8 x 10.

Most print prices are custom quoted based on the number of prints needed, the size needed, the turnaround time and other factors. However, we do have a *base range for 8 x 10 prints from in studio photo sessions: $25 is the price for 1 to 4 prints from the same file and $20 each is the price for 5 or more 8 x 10 prints from the same file.

There are exceptions to the *base 8 x 10 pricing.

Example #1 Doing a group shot on a Sunday with 24 hour or less turnaround by 9 a.m. Monday morning ( real world example ), the printing in this scenario includes time on site, rush face-to-face delivery, working on Sunday, number of prints needed and other factors, so the 8 x 10 prints average price will likely be much higher in this scenario.

Example #2 Doing a group shot on a weekday with 3 business day turnaround and committing to 50+ prints. In this scenario, the average print price will likely be lower based on being during the week, allowing more room for turnaround time and the number of prints needed.

Print Sizes:
Frames can be bought on Amazon or from other sources for all of these size prints:
4 x 6
5 x 7
8 x 10
8 x 12
11 x 14
12 x 18
13 x 19
There are other sizes available upon request between the range of 4 x 6 to 13 x 19.
We do have a local resource for quality printing beyond 13 x 19.

Print Finish:
All of our printing is on a Luster (Matt) or Semi-Gloss (at our discretion) finish. We do not generally stock glossy paper.