UseWe have a solution to image use rights, but you’ll want to read all of the information on this page about usage rights to truly appreciate our solution. This is an area that can catch a client off guard if the client is not prepared and can often lead to additional fees.

It’s possible that the photographer you hire will have usage restrictions of the images that you purchase and YES, even limit how long you can use images. For example, you may only be granted the right to use an image or images for the period of 1 year and only be able to use the image or images online but not use the images for any printed needs like brochures, magazine ads, etc. That’s right! An image could potentially only be licensed for use for one resource and for as little as one year. That means that you have to pay EXTRA to use the image or images for a longer period of time and for various purposes.

Image usage can get complicated and expensive. Make sure the quote you are getting is comparing equal services especially when it comes to image usage rights and how long you can use an image or images for.

OUR SOLUTION: We provide unrestricted, lifetime usage rights for all images purchased. That means our clients can use the images however they’d like for as long they’d like with no renewal fees involved. Keep in mind that our fees may be slightly (not drastically) higher in some cases, but our lifetime image usage rights are just one way that our clients benefit from our services.

RawWill you sell the RAW files?

The short answer is Yes, No and Maybe. Keep reading to better understand our position on RAW files and to make sure we are both referring to the same thing.

Occasionally, we get asked about RAW files and most of the time what the potential client considers a RAW file and we consider a RAW file are different. The potential client is often referring to an unedited JPG file while our definition of a RAW file is the actual CR (Canon Raw) file which will allow for extreme latitude when it comes to post editing.

Although our answer is Yes, No and Maybe, one core “YES” answer that potential clients are looking for is “Will you shoot for less and provide the unedited images to me/us?” As a general rule, that answer will be NO. However, not everything we do is chiseled in stone and some things are open for conversation. For example, a local artist asked to have 22 pieces of artwork photographed and wanted to get the unedited JPG files that she could color correct herself. So three things are taken into consideration 1) She is an artist and knows color. 2) Unless she is really successful as an artiste, she is likely asking the question to save money. Again, she’s an artist. 3) As a general rule, artwork is one of the easiest things that we photograph especially if it’s painted on canvas.

There are some photographers who will not even consider selling the RAW files or for that matter unedited JPG files. Although we will consider selling the actual CR files and have even actually sold the CR files a few times, it comes at a price.

Bottom Line! Will you sell the RAW files?

Concerning the unedited JPG files, they are treated just like the CR RAW files in that the answer is not always a YES. Furthermore, we will not sell the CR actual RAW files in all cases. So that’s where the NO comes in. However, we will consider it and have a conversation about it. That’s where the MAYBE comes in. And we have actually sold the CR RAW files a few times at what we considered a premium, so that’s where the YES comes in.