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Review from Scott M. (Email Available Upon Request): “David did a truly outstanding job and what a world of difference in our corporate headshots for websites and speaking engagements. We had no idea what we wanted to do, but David quickly came up with ideas and executed them in no time. What was really amazing is that everyone loved their shots and had a lot of fun doing them. I’ve been around for a while and NEVER had that happen before. Hire David again in a minute – and we will as we grow!”

On Time. On Budget. On Point.

Quality At Competitive Prices: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” – B. FranklinHeadshots for 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 or even 100 plus people while still maintaining professional studio level quality is a core part of what the DWPPC team does for companies on a regular basis (see Client List).

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett

You can find a lower price, but it will be difficult to find a better overall value:

1) Experienced – Full Time Professionals
2) Basic Retouching Services are included of up to 30 minutes per image purchased
3) High Resolution (300DPI) and Low Resolution (72DPI) included 
4) Lifetime unrestricted usage rights for each image purchased
5) Trusted by recognized brands
6) 50+ FIVE Star Google reviews here:
7) Studio located in a business district (not a residence) for any follow up headshot needs when adding new employee’s

Continue Reading: There are several FAQ’s as you scroll down this page. You’ll get lots of answers to your questions.

Short History:
It’s important to capture images through the camera lens professionally with proper lighting. And the DWPPC team does that by using a proven system which comes from David’s vast headshot experience. David started doing volume headshots in his 20’s back in the late 80’s. He did thousands of individual headshots before the 80’s were over. Of course, back then, it was all film.

The Miracle Age:
As you know, with digital technology, it’s the post editing (Photoshop/Lightroom/Etc.) that really helps make the extra magic happen provided the the image is captured properly in the camera. The DWPPC team excels in both capturing the image properly and in post production editing.

Before And After:
Take a look at the image below: If you want to see more before and after work, you can visit the before and after page.


Up to 30 minutes of post editing per person is included in the price. On higher volume (35+ range) to keep cost down, post editing averages up to 15 minutes. This example has tie work that may go beyond the basic scope. JUST ASK!

Want Something Different? We Can Be More Creative Than A Standard Background!

The image above is one of many examples of not using a traditional background. If you want something unique, just ask for details.
Executive Business Headshot Inside & Outside Raleigh NC Studio
Headshot of Lawyer At Front Desk In North Raleigh Location
Outdoor Professional Headshot Taken In Chapel Hill NC 2
Male Executive Headshots Taken in Morrisville NC 2a

Check Out: Helpful Tips for Men and Women to Prepare for a Headshot or Photo Session

General Overview and FAQ’s…

Photographer Plus One Assistant (w/optional makeup services):
The majority of the time, it’s David plus one photography assistant that comes out. When Lindsay’s (David’s Senior Assistant) schedule permits, David and Lindsay will both be on site. Lindsay can help ladies out with stray hair, with making sure a necklace is laying straight, earrings are turned properly and other simple adjustments that male photographers cannot do. Lindsay can even help apply lite facial powder if needed. However, if you are looking for 5  to 10 minutes per person of on site makeup services, you’ll want to consider adding Kate Leser (video further down this page) for an additional nominal fee.

What Do People Need To Do To Prepare For Their Headshot Session?
You’ll find this page, Preparing for Your Photo Session , to be very helpful. If you are the one coordinating this for your company, you may want to email the link to everyone who will be photographed (

How Much Time Does It Take Per Person?
As mentioned previously, it’s important to capture the image properly, but the real magic happens in Photoshop, Lightroom and other editing software. Therefore, the front end shooting time is usually far less per person than the back end post editing time. Yes, we can take 20 minutes per person and take 40 shots per person; however, most companies appreciate less time and less shots per person when done professionally and efficiently which allows everyone to get on with their day. You can line them up and keep them coming or you can choose to space it out pending whether Kate is involved. The end quality will not vary regardless. And it’s the end result everyone is holding DWPPC accountable for. This is something that we can talk through via phone with you.

Magazine Quality Headshots On Locaiont at UNC Chapel HIll

DWPPC volume based headshots taken on a background and on location are likely more affordable than you might think for the exceptional quality that is delivered. Best of all, you’ll get the same level of quality as the magazine sample above.

General Overview and FAQ’s (Continued)…

How Do People Select Their Images?
There are numerous ways for each person photographed to make their final image selection, but we have one core way that seems to work for most companies: Within 24 hours of the photoshoot, we will send an online link with all images taken that only those photographed will have access to. Each person can then choose his or her favorite single shot. Although it is easier to send this link to the core company contact and have the core contact reply with selections for each person, there are numerous other ways to approach this. Yes, with technology, images can be chosen on site, but we find that people have more time to make their selection by viewing an online link rather than trying to choose an image on site only to wish they had more time to make their selection. This is an area that we remain flexible with, so let’s talk through the options. We’ll work together to find the most efficient way for your company.

What About File Delivery?
Files are delivered in a JPEG file format (other formats optional). Each person will get a 72DPI (Low-Res) web use file and a 300DPI (Hi-Res) print use file. Files are generally delivered by Dropbox and/or WeTransfer (allows for easy download of a zip folder).There is no cost savings by only getting the 72DPI file because to export the 300DPI file is so easy to do. You never know when their may be a need for the 300DPI version.

What About Usage Rights?
The final images delivered come with UNRESTRICTED LIFETIME USAGE RIGHTS. That means that the images can be used online and offline without restriction with NO license renewal fee…EVER!

What If Our Company Does Not Want Background Style Headshots And Chooses To Be More Creative?
That’s no problem at all. Let’s discuss what you have in mind.

Post Editing Matters – The People Being Photographed Will Be Happier:
Don’t cut corners and try to save money by skipping post edits because no matter how good a photographer is and how nice the camera gear might be, it is virtually impossible to get an image straight out of the camera that will match a post edited image from Photoshop, Lightroom or other editing software. Even something as simple as facial glare may cause someone not to like their image as much as one that has been post edited. For volume headshots, we generally spend up to 30 minutes per person on post editing which means on 20 people that we may have up to 10 more hours behind the scenes. On higher volume (35+ people), we generally like to keep post editing to an average of 15 minutes per person to keep the cost down for companies. However, 30 minutes is not an issue on higher volume. It will simply be reflected in the quote. For really high volume for internal only use like an ID badge or Intranet, we can also quote a non-edited option (NOT RECOMMENDED). This is an area that we can discuss in further detail by phone. In the meantime, you can visit the before and after page to see some of our editing work.

What If We Hire New Employee’s And Need More Headshots?
If your company is located in the Triangle area, you can send new hires over to our North Raleigh Studio off of Six Forks Road. We’ll even lock in the same per person rate for several months. This option is very appealing to most companies that we work with. If your company happens to be in the Triad or Charlotte Metro area, we shoot in those areas on a regular basis and can work through the details with you.

This All Sounds Great! Now, What About Pricing?
“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett
Pricing is based on a per person rate starting with 3 people minimum and varies based on volume. For example, 5 people will be quoted at a higher per person rate than 20 people because of volume. However, both rates (5 or 20) are lower than our in studio session for one person. The per person rate includes travel, setup and breakdown, one photographer and usually one assistant plus the post production editing as stated above. Yes, we keep it very simple. It’s simply ___ people x ____ dollars per person. And even with all that’s included, David has been told by several people that DWPPC’s pricing is mid-price point. However, with our system and experience, there will be no loss in quality compared to those charging more. In addition to everything mentioned so far about pricing, for simple gray or white background headshots, Lindsay or John may be available at a slightly lower rate. For environmental office shots including outdoors, Lindsay may be available at a lower rate than David.

OK, I’m Sold! How Do I Secure A Date On The DWPPC Calendar?
We require a 50% deposit to secure a date on our calendar. Many companies choose to pay the deposit securely online with a company credit card; however, a company check is fine as well. The date is not truly secure without a deposit. We work with a lot of companies including the Fortune 500 (see Client List) and a deposit seems to an acceptable way of doing business. There is even a pay in full discount available if there interests you. Sorry, but as much as we’d love to earn your business and work with your company, we do not offer NET TERMS.

Executive Headshot In Studio Arms Crossed Straight On CFO Raleigh NC

Here’s a gallery with lots of images both in studio and on location:
Professional Headshot Collage for DWPPC.jpgHeadshots Taken In Raleigh NC Collage.jpg5 Feedback.jpgCasual Headshot On Charcoal Gray In Raleigh NC Studio 4476.jpgOutdoor Horizontal Headshot At North Raleigh NC Studio 900.jpgCreative Attorney Headshot in Downtown Raleigh NC .jpgHeadshot At North Raleigh Studio In Purple.jpgExecutive Headshots Casual and Formal At North Raleigh Studio.jpgOutdoor Professional Headshot Taken At North Raleigh NC Studio.jpgMale Executive Business Headshots Taken In North Raleigh NC Studio.jpgOutdoor Business Headshots At North Raleigh Photography Studio .jpgHeadshot of Business Man in Raleigh NC at Desk.jpgOutdoor Headshot In Downtown Raleigh NC.jpgExecutive Headshot Inside and Outside North Raleigh NC Studio.jpgCasual and Relaxed Male Headshot North Raleigh Studio.jpgExecutive Female Headshot In North Raleigh Studio 2.jpgMale Headshot with Kicker Light Against Brick North Raleigh NC Studio.jpgOutside Professional Headshot On Brick in North Raleigh NC.jpgBusiness Headshots Inside and Outside North Raleigh NC Studio.jpgProfessional Outdoor Portraits At North Raleigh NC Studio.jpgExecutive Female Headshot on Muslin Background In Raleigh NC Studio.jpgMale Headshots Inside and Outside Raleigh NC Studio.jpgHeadshots On Muslin With Hairlight At F5.6.jpgOutdoor Headshot At North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpgHeadshot Taken Outside North Raleigh NC Studio Website.jpgCasual Male Headshot On Brick Creative Lighting Raleigh NC.jpgConference Room Executive Headshot Taken In Cary NC 2.jpgExecutive Composite Image Headshot Steele.jpgFemale Headshot On White Background Horizontal At North Raleigh Studio Smaller.jpgIndoor and Outdoor Headshots At North Raleigh Photo Studio.jpgOutside Headshot with Kicker Light at North Raleigh Studio Smaller.jpgMale Executive Headshot CEO Style North Raleigh Photo Studio.jpgOutdoor Professional Headshot Taken At North Raleigh Studio.jpgExecutive Busuiness Headshot Composite North Raleigh Photographer.jpgCompany Studio Headshots On Blue Mist Taken In Raleigh NC.jpgEditorial Photography Magazine Cover and Interior Page Dental 2.jpg3 Up Headshots On Gray Two Men And One Lady.jpgKsha-Before-and-after-with-text.jpgHosipitality Headshot in Downtown Raleigh 2.jpgEnvironmental Portrait of Executive Female Taken In Downtown Raleigh NC.jpgCasual Male Headshot In Studio 3 Backgrounds 3 Outfits Raleigh NC.jpgBefore With LinkedIn Selfie To Professional Headshots On LinkedIn.jpgYoung Lady Outdoor Headshot Creative Lighting Raleigh NC 2.jpgEdgy Creative Headshot With Grid Lighting In Cary NC.jpgFemale Business Headshots Taken In North Raleigh Sudio For Profile Updates.jpgFemale Executive Headshots One Inside One Outside Linda Kathryn.jpgCasual Headshot Against Brick Creative Edgy Lighting Raleigh NC.jpgHeadshot Of Young Lady In Blue Taken In North Raleigh Studio.jpgHeadshot and Half Length On Charcoal Gray Taken In North Raleigh NC.jpgStartup Company Press Release Photo TBJ Raleigh NC Text.jpgExecutive Headshot Outdoor Background Raleigh NC.jpgHeadshots of Book Author Outdoors and Inside N. Raleigh Studio.jpgExecutive Busuiness Headshot Composite North Raleigh Photographer 2.jpg8 Up Collage In Studio Headshots Taken In North Raleigh 2.jpgc60-Executive Headshot of Business Man Taken In North Raleigh Studio.jpgExecutive Headshot Outside and In Office In Morrisville NC.jpgCasual Outside Headshot Of Male At North Raleigh Studio.jpgModeling Headshots Taken In North Raleigh Studio on White Background.jpgStartup Executive Headshot In Downtown Raleigh NC.jpgFemale Executive Headshot Outside In North Raleigh NC.jpgHeadshot Composite With Hat And Shades Street Scene.jpgCasual Studio Headshot On Dark Gray Creative Edgy Lighting Raleigh NC.jpgExecutive Business Portraits Taken At North Raleigh Studio.jpgFemale Executive Headshots In Studio and Outside in North Raleigh.jpgHeadshot of African American Male Taken In North Raleigh Studio.jpgMusician Headshot Holding Bass Guitar in North Raleigh Studio.jpgMale Executive Lifestyle Portrait Downtown Raleigh NC-c88.jpgEdgy Professional Headshot Inside Studio and Outdoors North Raleigh.jpgHeadshot of Lawyer At Front Desk In North Raleigh Location.jpgOutdoor Professional Headshot Taken In Chapel Hill NC.jpg20-Percent-Off-In-Studio-Military-and-College-Students John.jpgYoung Woman Tight Headshot Taken In North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpgActing Modeling Headshot Taken Inside North Raleigh Studio-c56.jpgExecutive Business Headshot Inside and Outside Raleigh NC Studio.jpgFemale Lawyer Headshot With Outdoor Background Raleigh NC.jpgIn Studio and Outdoor Headshots At North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpgExecutive Male and Executive Female Photography in Raleigh NC.jpgCommercial Photography Executive Headshot by Company Logo Morrisville NC.jpgFemale Executive Headshot In North Raleigh Studio.jpgHeadshot On White Background With And Without Necklace 1.jpgMale Executive Headshots Taken in Morrisville NC.jpgCommercial Photography Executive Headshot Leaning in Hallway Morrisville NC.jpgMale Executive Lifestyle Portrait In Downtown Raleigh NC 1-c91.jpgProfessional Headhots In Studio and Outside At North Raleigh Studio.jpgHeadshot Before In Studio vs.jpgMale Headshot Taken In North Hills Area of Raleigh NC.jpgExecutive Business Portraits Taken In North Raleigh Studio.jpgOutdoor Headshot Taken In North Raleigh Horiztonal Female 2.jpgActing and Modeling Headshots Taken In North Raleigh Collage of 6.jpgOutdoor Headshots Taken At North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpgMale Executive Lifestyle Portrait In Downtown Raleigh NC 2-c49.jpgYoung Woman Headshot with Hat Taken In North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpgExecutive Portrait Attorney In Office Downtown Raleigh NC.jpgActing Headshot Serious North Raleigh Studio 900.jpgCasual Lifestyle Headshot In Studio and Outside in North Raleigh.jpgHeadhots Taken In Studio In North Raleigh NC.jpg2A3A9843-Edit.jpgLawyer Collage 2.jpgFemale Headshots with Heads Tilted Taken In North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpgHusband and Wife Headshot Session in North Raleigh Studio.jpgCreative Style Headshots from Waist Up One Chapel HIll One Raleigh NC.jpgGov at Pinehurst.jpgAfican American Female Headshot Taken In North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpgCommercial Photoshoot in Raleigh NC of Executive Woman.jpgCollage for DWPPC.jpgFemale Headshot Taken In North Hills Area of Raleigh NC.jpgExecutive Headshot CEO Sitting At Desk.jpgAfrican American Male Business Headshot Taken In North Raleigh Studio.jpgJeff Horizontal Headshot for Site.jpg12 Feedback.jpgBusiness Headshot Taken At North Raleigh Studio on White and Gray.jpgFunny Headshot of Woman with Passport Taken in Raleigh NC 2.jpgBusiness Executive Headshot Taken In North Raleigh NC Studio.jpgKate Leser - The Make Over Expert.jpgHeadshot Comparsion of Blue and Red with Text.jpgPhoto Headshot Collage of Images Taken In North Raleigh Studio.jpgCollage of Headshots Taken in North Raleigh Studio.jpgAttorney Headhots with Books In Background in Durham NC.jpgCasual and Formal Business Headshot Taken At North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpgFemale Executive Headshot on Gray and White Taken In North Raleigh Studio.jpgExecutive Female Headshots on White Background Taken In North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpgHeadshot of Male (Clifton) on Gray with Arms Crossed Collage.jpgFemale Headshot Taken In North Raleigh Studio.jpgExecutive Headshots Taken On Muslin Background Coat and Tie.jpg1 Feedback.jpgExecutive Male Headshots On Gray Background .jpgExecutive Women Headshots One Muslin Background and One Gray.jpgHorizontal Headshot Black Top WB.jpgJeff Horizontal Headshot on Dark Gray.jpgFemale Attorney Headshots Taken on Location in Durham and Raleigh.jpgLawyer Collage 3.jpgFemale Headshots with Slight Tilt Taken In North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpgEdgy Headshots Raleigh NC Collage 2.jpgLifestyle Outside Casual Male Portrait Taken in Chapel Hill 2A3A6121-Edit_Web.jpgFemale Lawyer Headshots Photographed with Books In Durham NC.jpgMale Headshots with Arms Crossed Taken In North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpgHeadhots One on Charcoal Gray and One Shot On Location in Raleigh NC.jpgMale Headshots with Heads Tilted Taken In North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpgHeadshots One Inside and One Outside.jpgMale Headshots with Glasses On Taken In North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpgOutside Executive Headshots Taken In North Raleigh.jpgHorizontal Headshot Teal Necklace WB.jpgLifestyle Outside Executive Male Portrait Taken in Chapel Hill 2A3A5933-Edit_Web.jpgModeling Style Headshots Taken In North Raleigh Photography Studio.jpg

Want To Look Your Best? Consider Hiring Kate For Makeup – The Makeover Expert (See Video Below)

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