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Edgy Headshots Are Simply Different – How Do You Define “Edgy” Headshots?

Edgy Headshot of Female Taken In Downtown Raleigh NC

Edgy = Unconventional and Unconventional is not conforming to what is generally done. In other words, an edgy headshot can be as simple as doing something different than a standard headshot on a studio background. Edgy can also be something that is more over the top for business shots like the first example in the gallery above. How do you define edgy? Let’s talk about something unconventional if that’s what you are looking for.

One of the definitions of edgy is simply unconventional. Although unconventional means something that is different. The way each person defines an edgy headshot look will not be the same.

Edgy could be something as simple as having an outdoor headshot rather than a traditional in studio headshot. Edgy could be something with sex appeal but still suitable for business. An edgy headshot could be laughing while looking away from the camera.

Since edgy has no set definition when it comes to headshots, it’s important that you have a conversation with the photographer that you want to work with about what you see as edgy. Then, allow the photographer to work his or her creative magic to come up with something that is unique, different, unconventional or edgy.

Experienced Photographer

David has literally photographed thousands of individuals as individuals not as part of a group. His goal is to capture the you being you whether that is with a traditional headshot or something that you consider edgy. The key is to have a conversation and even share examples of what you are looking for.

A seasoned professional photographer that has photographed thousands of people one-to-one should have no problem working with you to capture your personality.

For some photoshoots, there may need to be an additional party involved like Kate Leser, the makeover expert, or an assistant of David’s or maybe even a friend of yours being involved with the photoshoot.

The image in the middle above with the lady holding her hands out included Kate Leser off camera to David’s right for the lady to carry on a conversation with Kate in order for David to get the shot. The 1st and 3rd images above were simply shot with David and the subject.

Let’s explore the options together. It all starts by requesting a quote or calling 919.723.8453.