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Marty Drone

We have drone footage in several of our videos. Marty (pictured left) is very experienced, fully insured and is also FAA Certified. However, it is up to the client to verify all the information with Marty direct.

No matter who a client is considering for drone services, the client should make sure the drone operator is FAA Certified and fully insured. Verification of liability insurance and other concerns are up to each individual client direct with Marty. Marty is not an employee of DWPPC.

Marty can shoot video and/or still images then hand over the RAW footage to the client if needed or Marty can provide footage to DWPPC for editing.

Marty, has years of experience working with drones. He has access to plenty of backups without worrying about one drone being down for repair and not getting the video or photography.

Marty doesn’t mind traveling. So no matter where a client needs DRONE work completed, Marty can make it happen.

DWPPC will help facilitate the connection with Marty and his drone services as well as help make things as seamless as possible. Marty carries his own liability insurance and DWPPC is not liable for any issues related to drone video or photography.