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We have an FAA Certified Drone Pilot on our staff and we are fully insured for drone flight with a traditional, 24/7, year round policy NOT an app. You should ask any company that you are considering for drone work about FAA 107 and insurance: We can provide proof of both within 1 business day.

When incorporating drone video and/or photography into a video production project or a commercial photography project, adding drone work is a a minimum of 50% less than the drone only rates posted below or just packaged as a FREE BONUS offering within the project based on the size of the project.

When we do drone work as a solo project for drone only needs, drone video and/or photography is priced as follows: There is a $300 minimum ( within 45 minutes of downtown Raleigh - nominal travel fee outside the Triangle ) up to the first hour on site from arrival time with each additional hour at $150 an hour ( 30 minute minimum increments ) "or" for blocking up to a half day ( up to 4 hours on site ), it is $600 and for up to a full day ( up to 8 hours on site ), it's $1,200 with each additional hour beyond a half day or full day at $150 an hour ( 30 minute minimum increments ). These rates are based on dragging and dropping the files as shot with NO post production editing ( optional/extra ). You'll have lifetime usage rights to the footage.