We have an FAA Certified Drone Pilot on our staff and we are fully insured for drone flight with a traditional, 24/7, year round policy NOT an app. You should ask any company that you are considering for drone work about FAA 107 and insurance: We can provide proof of both within 1 business day.

When incorporating drone video and/or photography into a video production project or a commercial photography project, adding drone work is a a minimum of 50% less than the drone only rates posted below or just packaged as a FREE BONUS offering within the project based on the size of the project.

Hourly Option:
When we do drone work as a solo project for drone only needs, drone video and/or photography is priced as follows: There is a $350 minimum ( within 45 minutes of downtown Raleigh - nominal travel fee outside the Triangle ) up to the first full hour on site. The time starts once the drone is set up and ready to fly. Each additional hour is $200 an hour ( billed in 30 minute minimum increments ).

Half Day or Full Day Option:
For blocking up to a half day ( up to 4 hours on site ), $700 is a better value than hourly in the prior paragraph. For up to a full day ( up to 8 hours on site ), it's $1,400. Each additional hour beyond a half day or full day is $200 an hour ( billed in 30 minute minimum increments ). With the half day and full day options, we do include at least one and sometimes two advanced site visit(s) within 45 minutes of downtown Raleigh at no additional charge.

Hybrid Custom Quote:
In addition to the hourly option and half day/full day option above, we also do custom quoting. For example, we could quote for up to 2 hours with two local site visits prior to the actual shoot. We can also custom quote other options based on your specific needs.

All rates are based on dragging and dropping the files as shot with NO post production editing ( optional/extra ). You'll have lifetime usage rights to the footage. By default, we shoot 4K video footage.

Note: There is no credit back for less than a half day or full day of shooting. It's based on blocking that much time on our schedule.