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architectural photography of lobby and conference room.jpgDowntown Raleigh from 23rd Floor of Building.jpgArchitectural Interior of Suite In Durham NC Near RTP.jpgBuilding Exterior Architectural Photography In Raleigh Durham NC.jpgArchitectural Corporate Office Interior Corporate Office 1.jpgArchitectural Photography Of Building Exterior.jpgArchitectural Photography Hotel Lobby 2 Gallery.jpgArchitectural Corporate Office Interior Corporate Office 2.jpgWarehouse Behind the Scenes Shot With Text 9680 900.jpgIndustrial Photography By Photographer David Williams Packing Machine In Warehouse.jpgIndustrial Machine.jpgIndustrial Photography Inside Packing Plant 2.jpgArchitectural Photography Exterior Of Office Building in Durham NC.jpgArchitectural Photography Hotel Lobby 1 Gallery.jpgEditorial Photography Magazine Cover and Interior Page 2.jpgEditorial Photography Interior Pages of Magazine.jpgarchitectural photography of front desk.jpgCommercial Photography By Raleigh Photographer David Williams - Moving And Storage 5.jpgCommercial Photography By Raleigh Photographer David Williams - Moving And Storage 7.jpgCommercial Photography By Raleigh Photographer David Williams - Moving And Storage 8.jpg1 Indian Wells California Hyatt Pool.jpgBreak Area Architectural Photography In Raleigh Durham NC.jpgarchitectural photography building exterior raleigh-durham nc.jpgArchetectural Photography Confernce Room Raleigh Durham NC.jpgArchitectural Corporate Office Interior Corporate Office 3.jpgArchitectural Photography of Lobby in Durham Office Building.jpgArchitectural Lobby of Nice Dentist Office.jpgarchitectural photography of nice break room.jpgArchitectural Photography of Contemporary Office In Durham NC.jpgLobby Area Architectural Photography In Raleigh Durham NC.jpgArchitectural Corporate Office Interior Corporate Office 4.jpgLarge Interior Room Architectural Photography In Raleigh Durham NC.jpgArchitectural Photography of Interior Front Desk 2.jpgArchitectural Photography Large Room Durham NC Office.jpgArchitectural Quebec City Hotel Exterior.jpgCommercial Photography of Industrial Water Machine.jpgarchitectural interior building photography taken in raleigh-durham nc-c69.jpgarchitectural photography of window seating area.jpgArchitectural Corporate Office Interior Corporate Office 5.jpgArchitectural Photography Large Room With Plants Durham NC Office.jpgCommercial Photography of Building with Blue Sky Winston Salem NC.jpgArchitectural Photography of Outside of Building.jpgArchitectural Photography Wooden Trestles-c44.jpgCommercial Property Photography Inside of Storage Facility 2.jpgCommercial Property Photography Inside Storage Facility Coffee Area.jpgarchitectural photography of collaboration and training area.jpgLifetime Building Outside At Night.jpgArchitectural Photography Front Desk Nice Dentist Office.jpgCommercial Property Photography Inside of Storage Facility.jpgHarmonyFarms_130619-8871.jpg

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Pricing Overview for Architectural Photography In Raleigh NC (We’re available for travel Nationally and Internationally.)

Industrial Photography Inside Packing PlantThere are several ways that we price our architectural and industrial photography services. You can see our general pricing for architectural work on this page, but we need to give you the password by phone or email.

Pricing Model #1 – Half Day To Full Day And Potentially Time Consuming Attention To Every Detail
Mike Kelley is definitely one of the top architectural photographers in the country. However, he spends numerous hours shooting and editing just to come up with 1 to 5+ phenomenal images. The last that I heard, from a friend of mine, Mike charges $8,000 (not us) for a full day. His per image price is not cheap, but again, he is one of the best in the country.

Although we don’t claim to be at Mike’s level nor his pricing structure, if you have a half day or full day budget and want us to spend 5+ hours per image editing, we can deliver a handful of amazing images that may be far beyond what you need especially if your intention is only for the web. In addition, with this option, we can also customize it to give you more images in a full day or half day by offering different editing options. For example, ___ images with up to 1 hour each like option #4 below or ___ images with up to 20 to 30 minutes per image. This means that although you’d be paying a half day or full day rate that you don’t have to just end up with a handful of images.

Pricing Model #2 – Post Production Editing Of 20 To 30 Minutes Per Image
Although we can follow Mike’s way of architectural photography in #1 above, we actually really like providing the option listed in this section for our clients because it yields high quality images suitable for printing while keeping the total cost to several hundred dollars in many cases pending the exact scope of work. For this option, we typically spend up to 90 minutes on site to yield 10 to 15 final images.

The core time is spent in the post editing not the shooting. We send over a proof link of images that may already have some editing completed or they could be just straight out of the camera. Once the final selections are made, we’ll spend up to an additional 20 to 30 minutes per image working through final details. By the time the project is completed, we have several hours into 15 final images with shooting and editing. This option is not limited to 10 to 15 images. However, it seems that 10 to 15 key images of a property are popular client requests. 

Model #3
Less Editing (Color Correction & Exposure Correction Only) More Images 
This is an option suitable for clients that are looking for a higher number of final images (Over 15). For example, we’ll shoot and do basic quick edits for color and exposure correction without any detailed editing. We’ll send the final images and the project is complete. This option is typically priced as a flat rate with no specific number of final images indicated. Additional editing is available on a per image basis at an additional fee that can be custom quoted. This option is limited to up to 75 minutes on site.

Pricing Model #4 – 3 To 4 Key Images Per Property With Up To 1 Hour Each In Post Editing
This option is a higher level of editing per image with up to 1 hour per image of post editing. It includes up to 60 minutes on site from arrival time and 3 to 4 final images are delivered. David has provided this service to a very well known property management company that just needed a few key images of numerous properties in the Triangle. Additional images can be added at an agreed upon per image rate.

If you don’t see what you are looking for above, we can create a customized hybrid option. That means that we may take certain elements from each option to create a solution that works for you better. For example, you may only need us on site for 90 minutes or less like option 2, but prefer to have 3 to 5 images that have more editing than 20 to 30 minutes each but don’t want to be at easily $1,000+ per image like Mike Kelley. You may also want the rest of the images to be corrected for color and exposure just for social media use. In other words, we can work with you to create a solution that will hopefully fit both your budget and your vision.

If you need multiple projects photographed, we are happy to discuss volume discounts for an ongoing business relationship.