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Define Agency:
The definition of an agency for us includes traditional agencies, web design firms, digital marketing companies, public relations firms, corporate event planners or any other outside resource that may engage our team for the purpose of providing professional photography and/or video for a client.

Our team works with internal marketing departments and outside agencies. Sometimes we are hired direct by the agency to shoot for their client and other times we are hired by a company to collaborate with their agency. With some companies, it is all handled internally.

David assisted an editorial and stock photographer while still in High School over 30 years ago. David currently shoots all over the United States and exclusively focuses on commercial use photography and video. You can see a client list here.

Some of our other team members include Brenda (David’s wife, business partner and full time image editor), Lindsay (NYU graduate and 10+ year veteran photographer), Keenan (NC State graduate – videographer and video editor), and John (former lead videographer for an outdoor television show). You can see more of our team here.

We are very open about how we approach our shoots, about our gear, our core skill sets, etc. It’s better to be transparent and start off communicating well from the very first phone call or email.

David regularly travels all over the United State and has also worked in Canada. Although we do a lot of work for UK companies, so far it has all been for work they’ve needed in the US. We have also done work in the US for companies with a presences in ASIA. We are ready, willing and able to travel anywhere in the world.

Photography Pricing:
We tend to be in the upper middle to high range when quoting on photography projects. However, it’s possible that we could be on the lower end. Regardless of how our quote matches up to other photographers, there are two core things included in all of our photography quotes that may not be included with others: LIFETIME USAGE RIGHTS AND EDITING.

Yes, we include LIFETIME USAGE RIGHTS for all images purchased. There is no need to worry about additional fees tied to a license. And Yes, the pricing includes basic post production editing. Extensive editing (composites, etc.) is available at an hourly rate and/or a per image rate. We like keeping things simple and easy to understand.

Video Pricing:
Our video pricing will likely NOT be on the high end of other quotes. Although we can include editing, we can also quote a project without editing and simply pass along all the footage. However, our video editing rates are competitive and it may be better to have the team shooting the footage to also be handling the editing. That’s completely up to you.

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