David Williams

David Williams


Although David is EXCLUSIVELY a corporate and commercial photographer & videographer
, he got his start doing consumer photography and photojournalism in the early 80's. David received his first 35mm camera for Christmas in 1981 while still in High School. In June 1982, David photographed his first PAID wedding. David was also paid to photograph High School sports for the local newspaper while still in High School.

Formal Training: In the Summer of 1982, while still in High School, David attended a Summer Photojournalism program at UNC Chapel Hill. In 1983/84, David began working with a photographer that did editorial work for major publications as well as a lot of stock photography work which was thriving in those days. David attended Randolph Community College in the mid-80's which has a long standing reputation as one of the best photography programs in the State of North Carolina. Soon after leaving RCC, David started his own business doing work in the College and University arena for schools like Wake Forest University as well as Family Portraits and Weddings out of his studio in Raleigh which was within 2 miles of his current location. As previously mentioned, David is now exclusively a corporate and commercial photographer.

Passion for People Photography: David has always had a passion for photographing people. He later transitioned into his current core area of photography focusing exclusively in the corporate arena which includes large events, corporate photography for company websites and trade-shows, corporate video production, commercial photography, executive headshots, headshots for professional use and other non-consumer photography. David has literally photographed thousands of headshots in his career including many company CEO's, Company President's and Executive Staff of multi-million and even multi-billion dollar companies. 

About Brenda: Professional Retoucher - Lightroom / Photoshop

Brenda Williams

Brenda Williams

Brenda Williams (David's Wife) is the full time in house editor of David's still image photography as well as David' s business partner. Although Lightroom and Photoshop are the two primary software programs that she uses, Brenda also has other industry standard programs like the full Topaz suite, Portrait Pro and Photomatix that she utilizes as needed for optimal results. She edits David's images on a 27.5 MAC.

Brenda is truly passionate about photo editing which is why David and Brenda make such a great team. David loves to be behind the camera shooting and Brenda loves the post production editing. With David and Brenda working together as a team, it allows David to do more shooting since he does not edit his own images. Many photographers do both the shooting and the editing. However, editing is truly an art within itself and with Brenda's passion for editing, it works out well to have a husband and wife team that can work together serving their clients.

No matter how good a photographer is, post production editing is a necessity in today's digital age. Clients should be cautious of any photographer not doing at least minimal post production editing. With David and Brenda Williams, clients do not have to worry about the shooting or the editing because both are covered by two dedicated professionals.

David and Brenda started working together in photography in 1988 and were married in July 1989.



About Lindsay: Professional Photographer & Retoucher

Lindsay is a former New York City event photographer that has photographed some very high level people in her previous position including celebrities and political figures. You would likely recognize many of the names if they were listed here. She has worked in some of the most famous venues in New York City.

Lindsay has successfully photographed several high level events for David since relocating to Raleigh. She is well received at the various venues that she covers and her work is well liked by David's clients. There is no loss of quality or professionalism when Lindsay is on an assignment.

Lindsay has covered various assignments for David including shooting on location for a full day for an International software company while David was on location out of state. She has also completed numerous headshots and other photography similar to David's. Lindsay is truly a seasoned professional photographer.

David will never send a photographer out to cover an assignment that represents his brand if that photographer is not completely qualified for the assignment: Lindsay has 10+ years experience as a photographer and studied at NYU. You will not be disappointed with her results.

Lindsay is also a veteran Photoshop and Lightroom expert and helps Brenda with overflow editing needs on occasion. Like Brenda, Lindsay's editing meets our high standards. It would be very difficult to tell any difference in the level of editing between Brenda and Lindsay.


About John: Professional Photographer & Videographer

On the video side, John is the lead videographer and David's video assistant. John has shot numerous outdoor hunting shows for television prior to working with David. He is a seasoned videographer and also shoots solo video assignments.

On the photography side, John shoots and serves as an assistant for on location assignments. He makes a huge difference for location shoots. John also shoots traditional background headshots in studio and on location.

David has invested numerous hours into personally training John. From a quality perspective, John uses David's system of shooting headshots and with either Brenda or Lindsay doing the post production editing, there will be no difference in the quality of the end product.

John has experience doing numerous corporate events as well as other types of still photography

About Brittany: Video Production Manager

Brittany is a Digital Filmmaking graduate of Living Arts College in Raleigh. She is a phenomenal video editor. Brittany is also an awesome videographer who (like John and David) understands the use of DSLR and traditional camcorders for capturing video. She is the senior video editor on our staff.

About Kevin: Professional Photographer 

Kevin is a veteran photographer with 20+ years of experience in the industry including several years as a photojournalist. Kevin and David have worked together with some very large corporate clients. Kevin is well versed in numerous areas of professional photography. Kevin is also well versed in print on demand, green screen work as well as event photography. Kevin is the key technical advisor for the technology that we use for print on demand services and often serves as the photographer for our print on demand events.

About Darius: Professional Videographer & Editor

Darius graduated from Living Arts College and received B.A in Digital Film. Darius has skills in Videography, Video Editing (Adobe Suite and Final Cut ).

About Brian: Professional Videographer & Editor

Brian is a graduate of Living Arts College. He is as happy and upbeat as this photo makes him appear. Brian's personality is contagious.

Brian has been with DWPPC longer than any team member. Brian serves as the backup editor to Brittany (Senior Video Editor) based on workload and/or deadlines when Brittany may need some additional help. Brian is also well versed in both DSLR and Camcorder videography.

Kate Leser The Makeover Expert


About Kate: The Makeover Expert 

Kate is an independent makeover expert. She helps both men and women with finding the proper colors for them based on a color analysis. Kate is also a personal shopper for clothing.

For the purposes of DWPPC, Kate helps both in studio and on location with makeup along with clothing and basic hair assistance. She works with the client through the full photoshoot whether it's a 1 hour studio headshot or a full day corporate photoshoot.

There is no referral fee paid to DWPPC. Actually, Kate discounts her services to DWPPC clients because of the volume of work provided. Kate's services are optional but highly recommended. All fees for Kate's services are generally paid direct to Kate.

About Brian: FAA Drone Certified Pilot & Videographer

Brian is a graduate of NC Wesleyn College. He is also David and Brenda's son-in-law.

Brian has worked with our team on several large commercial projects. He serves as a key grip and videographer helping with all kinds of equipment and shooting needs. Brian is energetic and efficient which helps keep the flow moving for location assignments. He is also FAA Drone Certified.

Jenna SmallAbout Jenna: Social Media

Jenna graduated from Barton College with a degree in business. She started working with David and Brenda when she was a Senior in college. Fast forward a few years, Jenna is now the mother of two girls.

David is very active in social media, but Jenna helps add to what David works on. In some cases like Pinterest, Tumblr and Google Plus, Jenna does most of the posting.

About Brittney: Marketing Manager

Brittney is David and Brenda's daughter. She is a graduate of UNCW and currently working on her Masters Degree from the University of Florida in Forensic Sciences to be completed in the Spring of 2019. The legal business name behind DWPPC is named after Brittney.

Brittney is an amazing content writer (but the majority of DWPPC content was written by David). Brittney is also internet and social media savvy as most millennials are. Brittney's key role is to work on our marketing needs with the guidance of David who is a marketer at heart.

About Britini: Brand Ambassador

Britini has a degree in psychology and a minor in religion. She worked extensively in customer service throughout college. Britni is detailed oriented and not afraid to get out and make things happen.

One of Britini's key roles is to attend business events to get our brand out into the local market. As our Brand Ambassador, she serves a critical role in representing DWPPC in the local market.

About Ryan: FAA Certified Drone Pilot & Videographer

Ryan is a FAA Certified Drone Pilot. In addition, Ryan is part of our core video team. He is also an aspiring photographer.

Ryan is meticulous about details which likely comes from having a degree in Engineering. He has proven to be a great asset to our team.

About Jeff: Professional Videographer

Jeff is a 16+ year veteran videographer. He understands all the essentials of lighting, sound and post production editing.  Jeff shoots exclusively with traditional panasonic video camcorders. It's plural because he has several of them. Here's a list of some of the things Jeff does and/or can provide: Web videos for businesses, College recruiting videos, Aerial Videography, Real Estate video, Legal Video, Animation/motion graphics, Dance recital videos, Seminar coverage, Teleprompting services and script writing.

About Catherine: Portrait & Event Photographer

Catherine is a veteran portrait and event photographer. She is currently part of the DWPPC corporate event photography team serving as both a primary and secondary shooter. Catherine also has the skills needed to handle other photography assignments.

About Rich: Print On Demand Green Screen

Rich is DWPPC's go to for on-site shooting that requires on-site large scale printing (using greenscreen and other technology), Instagram print stations for conventions, large events and other larger print on demand needs in an on-site setting. Rich is a rock-star when it comes to high volume print on demand needs.