Video Production Company Raleigh: Recruitment – Membership Drive

Video Marketing Our team will be working on TWO recruitment / membership drive style videos in April. We have been hired to do one on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill and another one for an association that is flying us to Louisiana to cover a conference.

We are excited to be able to produce two different videos for two different organizations that will be used to obtain more members to their respective organizations. In both videos, the ultimate goal is to show their organizations as exciting, fun and friendly. Our team is up for the challenge.

Video is a great way to market an organization, association, business, product, etc. Video is not going away anytime soon. Back in 2012, it was estimated that 4 billion videos were viewed EVERYDAY on YouTube. I'm sure that number has grown in 4 years (see other YouTube stats here). Call Us: 919.723.8453