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David Williams

David Williams

About David
David Williams is an International Commercial Photographer, Videographer, Trainer and Consultant. He started making money with his photography in 1982 while still in high school by photographing high school sports for the local newspaper. Fast forward over 30 years, David now shoots Internationally for Small Businesses and Global Companies including the Fortune 500.

What Do You Want To Learn About Photography?
Camera settings, composition and lighting are often the most challenging areas in photography. Anyone that can better understand these core areas will be a better photographer most of the time than those who do not.

Many photographers (even intermediate to beginning professionals) often avoid flash photography because they think it’s either too complicated or they just assume available light is fine for everything. Yes, available light can create some great images. However, it’s not always the best source of light.

The Technical Language Of Photography
David knows how to speak the geek language of photography in an easy to understand, this makes a lot sense, style. That is the best way for beginning to intermediate level photographers to truly grasp camera settings, composition and lighting. If the photographer is a beginning level professional, David can crank up the photography geek speak if needed.

Customized Photography Training
The problem with many photography workshops is that they are not customized to exactly what you want to learn. Although most any workshop on photography will likely provide useful information, customized photography training whether one-to-one or in a group environment that has been designed for your specific needs is a far better solution.

On Site Training
David has worked with a Top 50 Fortune Company at their Corporate Headquarters to provide customized training for a staff photographer with very specific needs. He has also worked with individuals, as well as, groups of photographers sharing his knowledge and love for photography in an easy to understand format. If you are looking for truly customized photography training whether on site anywhere in the world or at David’s North Raleigh Studio, you’ve found the right resource.

David’s training rates are competitive with the hourly rates of the business consulting industry in the Raleigh-Durham market of North Carolina. So depending on where you are located, the rates may seem high (rural area) or they may seem low (New York City rates). If you know the range of the business consulting industry in Raleigh-Durham, you will have a general idea in mind of David’s hourly rate.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” (Warren Buffett) … You’ll get a tremendous amount of value for the price you pay.

Travel is not an issue. It simply incurs a minimal travel rate and actual travel costs in most cases.

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