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Brenda Wiliams

Brenda Williams – Professional Image Editor & Co-Owner At DWPPC

Reviews-300Many clients say this is one of the top reasons they choose DWPPC. Let’s talk about your before and after needs concerning retouching. Our goal is to keep you looking natural while utilizing Photoshop and other programs for optimal results. 

No matter how talented and knowledgeable a photographer is, there are things that can be done in post retouching that cannot be accomplished in camera even by a veteran photographer.

*Basic and Extensive Editing Samples are below, but our team has worked with thousands of digital images.

Elyse Before and After

Post production editing (retouching) makes a HUGE difference. This page only contains a few samples of before and after images. Brenda and the editing team have done MUCH MORE than what you see below.

Before and After Full Edit for Site
Headshot Before In Studio vs

Before and After Locker Room 2
Before and After Of Lady In Sweater

Ksha-Before-and-after with text

Eyes Before and After 1

Editing Regular White and Composite
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Hallway Before and After Standing In Hallway
Heather Before And After

Before and After Teeth And NeckBefore and After Eyes 2

Before and After
Before and After Group Edit
Want To Look Your Best? Consider Hiring Kate – The Makeover Expert

Kate Leser - The Make Over Expert

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Standard and HDR

Home Before and After
*We include basic post production editing with your final paid selection(s): softening facial and neck lines, correcting stray hair, whitening teeth (most of the time we do slightly not super bright), getting hair off clothing, minor glasses glare, color correction, shine on face/head and a few other other things may be included as basic edits.

Extensive edits are available at a reasonable additional fee per image. An example of an extensive edit is cutting out your image as shot and placing it on an HDR background which requires additional time to complete. Please feel free to discuss this with David when scheduling your session.

A few examples of POTENTIAL “Extensive editing” ( NOT an all inclusive list ) are…

…Change color of clothing
…Take off 10 years, 10-20 lbs, etc.
…Head swap, Eye swap, Mouth swap, etc.
…Major Glasses Glare That Requires Eye Swapping
…Braces removal
…Opening eyes
…Removing Double Chin
…Changing to a different background

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